Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Different kind of quiet!!

And one that I will have to get used to eventually.  You see, the boys are both busy with something they enjoy ~ theater.  One loves the lime light (lol funny story I'll add in a bit) and the other loves to do tech.  It is something they can both do, and do well to the best of their abilities.  It feels a bit alarming how quiet the house has been yesterday and today.  Even with Kevin working from home today, it has been quiet.  He's done his thing and a few chores and I the same.  We will eventually be empty nesters, so this is good practice for us.

The funny story:  last night began practices for the children's choir at church.  A certain someone, we know and love, who has been known as Thing Two, and who loves the lime light asked when they are assigning principle parts.  He is SO hoping for one as this is his last year for children's choir.  It just made me laugh!  What a ham!!

Things for joy today:

  • Christmas songs on Pandora
  • quiet house
  • freshly vacuumed carpet
  • candles burning (probably already used this a few times!!  If you care to count and let me know, go ahead)
  • walks with Kevin
  • getting school graded early
  • another hour and a half of kids being gone
  • stairs leading down stairs getting a fresh coat of paint
  • greater range of motion from side to side

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