Monday, November 17, 2014

A Busy Monday to you! And thankfulness . . . .

that it is winding down.  Tech week for Cast 2 of "Fiddler on the Roof" began today.  It means shorter school days, more planning, less free time (for the boys with a 5 hour rehearsal every day), more chores done for me at home.  Boys are off to bed and I'm sure there is a ton of stuff I could still get done, but I ponder what can wait till tomorrow.

Today's joy and thankfulness includes:
  • a steady stream of coffee
  • planned meals
  • easier school days
  • a desperate attempt at organization
No pictures today either, unless you really want to see the stuff we're trying to sell!  Not going to actually get into to that on this social media platform.  Check out facebook instead or Craigslist or whatever!

Enjoy what is left of your Monday as I wind down, make out tomorrow's to do list, and call it an evening!!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

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