Thursday, November 13, 2014

By all accounts today

shouldn't have felt like a good day.  It was cloudy all day.  School took all day.  Half the school population didn't get ready for the day until after lunch.  It felt chilly all day long and I refused to crank the heat.

              ~  YET  ~

    It was a good day!  There was much to be thankful for; there was lots of:
  • laughter
  • hot chocolate
  • Maine Pines scent candle burning
  • minimal driving
  • lots of cleaning
  • lots of music from Pandora (I switched stations a few times)
Remnants of the first round of hot chocolate.
Need to make more chocolate syrup and whipped cream now!
Yes there is even candy cane  dust on the cutting board.

P.S. ~ let me know if you want recipes for chocolate syrup or whip cream (although if you have the canister, you probably have the recipe book that came with it!)

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