Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sleepy children, Crazy Saturdays, and Life Marches On

First weekend of "Fiddler" has come to a close, set has been struck (don't have a place to leave it up between shows), kids have had a blast.  Brian Knapp took some great photos, will post one of "horse/mule" scene.  Our actor starts the "fight"!  One of few times in life he can pick a fight and get away with it.

Thankfulness today has been small and at times, almost unnoticeable because I'd get wrapped up in what needs to get done or what was next.  Suppose the aspect of being intentional is important if you are trying to remember.  To jot things down would be ideal, but still learning the "smart" way to do things; not always an easy thing to do or follow through with.  With out much more fan fare, what I can recollect from the day:

  • great show for boys
  • beautiful fall day
  • chance clear the back yard of leaves
  • heating pad on aching feet
  • very true coffee signs

"It was a HORSE"

So very tired!

 As of right now, I am the only
coffee drinker!

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