Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally Friday!!!

And the Friday before Thanksgiving! Not a whole lot more than yesterday, on the thankful front, but a bit easier.  Life can just do that to you!  Here are a few for today (and photo's), in particular order!
  • seeing our boys show, just as parents, no show jobs
  • trying really hard to not sing along with each song 
  • potting a Christmas Catus, into a larger pot
  • waiting on a couple "new" Christmas Catus to sprout enough roots to be planted
  • homemade lasagna, made by a friend
  • dinner with friends
 Sunsets and sunrises never get old here!

Repotting the Christmas Catus!
Natural fertilizer (ground up egg shells and Epsom Salt
which is actually magnesium and not salt)

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