Friday, November 7, 2014

Another Opening, another show!

Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. opened tonight, for NVPlayers.  Life gets crazy as the show rehearsals ramp up to opening, but that can be another post.  Needless to say, the boys are having lots of fun being involved again with another show.  It stretches us and makes us reassess what is important and what can wait.

Beyond the boys crazy schedule, life throw a lots of good things at us and sad things as well.  For example, I'm struggling with the presentation of this blog.  Odd way to start, for sure; but I ponder over whether to write the ups and downs, that I am thankful for, in prose format, then just list them out at the end.  Should it be a quick summary at the top, with some explanation, and then my condensed list.  There will always be the posts, where writing is hard that day and it's a minimalistic post.

Several things made me pause and grab the camera.  You'll see those at the end as usual.  But to move on without a lot more pondering:

  • dressing almost identical to my son today or he like me (it was worth a good chuckle)
  • candy shared, just because!
  • how the weather changed so quickly with the strong winds coming through
  • hearing that my favorite candle company is closing their doors, but thankful for the run they had.  Still stand by their product, completely.
  • opening night for the boys
  • seeing the boys having fun with friends
  • boys learning how to entertain a crowd
 Yup, he's taller.  I had dark gray pants on,
he had on light gray shorts.

 Candy donated to me, just because.

Different sized and colored clouds rolling in.

 While the other direction had sunlight through the leaves!

Birds are not happy with me, but made a pretty photo!

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  1. I love the differences in the pictures. The sky was ominous in parts and a beautiful blue in others. Took the three outdoor pictures within moments of each other from our front stoop!