Sunday, August 31, 2014

Joy Through the Family ~ Simon

Simon, our every growing teenager.  How things have changed in over 14 years.
  • always felt like a side kick, wants to come along for the ride, walk or whatever
  • good sleeper ~ falls asleep quick and usually wakes up happy as a lark
  • maturing into a fine young man
  • goal driven to get his Eagle Scout Rank
  • willing to try new things and will give a polite review (or outstanding review if he really likes it)
  • loves to tinker with Legos or my dad's wood shop
  • finding his own set of friends and learning how to maintain them (so thankful for free long distance phone calls.  He loves to check in with a friend in Kentucky about once a week for an hour).
  • learning to be an overcomer
  • has a goofy sense of humor 
  • loves the group "Skillet"
  • enjoys serving on the youth group tech team!
 What a great photo!

 Busy finishing up a Hardy Boys book
and drinking chocolate milk!
Good combination, right?

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