Friday, August 22, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ T

 Should Tuesday and Thursday be included?  For me, not so sure!  Come the school year, those are our busiest, out of the house days!  They can be tiring.  Otherwise, here's today's list:
  • tree walker coon hound
  • treats (whatever they are: food or something else)
  • tea sets
  • tea (check out "E" day for favorite!)
  • turkey
  • teteris ~ I could spend hours playing it!
This is Charlotte, our Tree Walker Coon Hound.

 Tea set behind the left door of the China Hutch.
Yes, the two tea cups with saucers are a bit more yellow
than the rest.

The tea set behind the right door.  The larger mug, got the set started.
The "little" mug & saucer as well as one of my teapots and the plate
all came from my Nonnie's house.  Very sentimental

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