Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ K

K ~ the eleventh letter of the alphabet.  Have now been blogging 12 days in a row.  On another blog, got up to 24; let's see how far this one goes.  Stick around and see what happens.

Onto the letter K:
  • Kevin ~ his friendship and support
  • knitting
  • kneading
  • key lime pie ~ as Kevin would point out
  • keilbasa ~ for Simon
  • Keith Clan & the Donnattar Castle (read more here if you'd like)
When my dad was stationed in England, we visited Scotland
and Donnattar Castle!

My brother Keith, me, Ann, Mom, John, & Mary!

This photo and the ones below, are not from our trip to
Scotland, still pretty though.

Not sure what the building was; best guess based
off of shape of doors and windows, their church.

Another building!  If you look at my top photo, think
this one and the building in the top photo are the same.

Liked the sunset and flowers!

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