Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ Q

Q without U would be difficult and you can bank on the fact that I won't have any.  So here it goes:
  • quiet
  • quiche
  • quintessential ~ because it's fun to say
  • quality
  • quilts ~ have a few that have been given through out my life.  About 4 toddler/kid size were given to me by my Nonnie (see "N" day) and another by friends of my folks as a wedding present (same friends that gave the Goose on "G" day).   Love things things and are definitely a keep sake!
  • Quinnipiac University ~ another word that is kind of fun to say and a good friend of mine and her husband went there!
  • Qindar ~ Albanian currency (token Q with no U word)

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