Monday, August 11, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ I

I ~ great letter and great word.  If we didn't have I, would make all four of our names a bit funny; Kevn, Jennfer, Smon, an.  On the flip side, learning to not use "I" to much in conversations; desire to be more mindful of the person I am talking with.  When dialoguing conflicts, though, "I" well used is better than "You" used to often.  Tricky letter and word it is.  Now, to dive right in to my list:
  • iced coffee
  • icicles hanging from trees and roof tops (when it first happens, can get old after a bit!)
  • Ian
  • ice cream
  • "Incredibles" Movie
Still drink Iced Coffee, no matter the season:
just not in a mason jar anymore!


  1. Love the mason jar :) For school this year, we are going to focus on've inspired me. Instead of doing a letter a day, we will do a letter a week and the kids can add to it as we go through the week.

    1. Thanks for commenting and letting me know how you'll use my idea. Appreciate the kind words and glad to share.