Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ J

Taking this "J" opportunity, as a shout out, to a number of my friends.  You see, we all share the same first name ~ Jennifer, Jen, Jenny, or whatever spelling you prefer!  Facebook alone, there are 11 friends with some variation of Jennifer.  Cool thing is that, a number of these ladies I get to hang out with regularly.  Our circles of interest overlap in several areas.  5 of us were in the same home school co-op last year.  We'd share "Jennifer" moments.  It's just fun to be with these ladies.

For today, just one thing for my "Joy Through the Alphabet" and I raise my cup of coffee to you, with a side of something sweet!

Okay, had to add a true post script that  happened after I wrote the upper portion.  Sitting in our church's foyer, while our boys were in Sunday School.  A friends husband husband sat down and I could not, for the life of me remember his name.  All I could remember was, is this Jennifer K.'s husband or Jennifer D.'s husband?  Wait, Jennifer D. and her family moved, eeek, what is his name, I should know.  When it all panned out, I laughed.  Saw Jennifer K. and she laughed hard when I mentioned what happened.

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