Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bargain Shopping ~ It's usually hit or miss . . .

and for me, it is usually a miss.  Once in a very rare moon, I am successful.

There was the time, on trash day, some one was throwing out an Oak Washstand.  Seriously, oak wash stand, when in excellent shape fetches $450 or more.  This needed a new door, a towel rack, and to be refinished.  YES, I knocked on the door; YES I went back for the van!  My Christmas gift from my folks that year was to stripe the piece, by the towel rack, and my dad built a new door for me.

On another trash day, a neighbor was throwing out a portable terrarium!  It just needed a bit of touch up paint.  Have loved having it every moment and it was FREE!

Needless to say, I still look at others trash, on trash day, JUST IN CASE!  You never know what you might find.

Anyway, as for paid for treasures, I've been through Salvation Army stores numerous times.  I have left empty handed more times than I care to count.  I am okay with that.  On one occasion, I found a kitchen utensil holder in a light tan with two blue stripes for $3.99.  Hello beautiful, you are coming home with me!!

Today was another strike it rich:  a 14" x 11" Pyrex rectangle baking dish with little handles, a 13" x 11" Pyrex rectangle baking dish, a small one still by Archor and a pair of jeans that fit, all for under $17.00.  I could have easily spent $30.00 or more on the bake ware alone, if I'd bought new!

Finding my joy today, includes:
  • successful trip to Salvation Army
  • time to be able to shop alone, again today
  • time to get caught up on grading school work
  • bake ware that didn't cost a fortune
  • finding clothes that fit, for cheap
What makes your list today?  Seriously let me know, would love to rejoice with you!

 Lovely new bake ware!

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