Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weather ~ what a beautiful day

It truly is!  Much to be thankful for.  Windows open, low pollen count, breeze, crickets and birds talking to each other (think all the dogs are sleeping).  The sky is a brilliant blue, clouds are puffy and white, there were amazing sunbeams as the sun rose this morning.  Much to appreciate when not so totally focused on the to do list!

Will be interesting to see the sunset, tonight, to see how the day finishes out.  If I remember to take our camera, might just try to snag a few good photos.

This morning though, while driving across town, it looked like this:

It felt kind of like this!


  1. It's a "manual transmission convertible, top down, driving" sort of day or "soaking up the vitamin D, drinking coffee" sort of day!