Friday, October 31, 2014

Long, tiring day that ends in Parental Taxes Due!!

The joy and bright side of Halloween ~ parental candy tax and about the only time I eat Almond Joys!  One kid came home with obscene amounts of candy, the other a good amount (two totally different neighborhoods)!  I actually tagged along with the teenager, as he wanted to hang out with a friend, who had to hang out with his younger sisters.  For me, it was more to hang out with the mom's and chat, while watching over the younger ones!  Always fun to have a few minutes here and there.

Odd day for photos too!   None of the boys in costumes, which is okay.  Snapped a few random ones, post dinner (so don't look at the braces, please!!)  Just silly pictures as Friday night we seem more relaxed.  To shake things up in the order of this blog, here are the photo's:

 Close up and blurry!

Reasonable distance you can make out
the cup and bag of candy behind it!

Any hoot, the point behind the blog, my joy and thankfulness.  Today would look like this:
  • walking the whole cluster of streets, just to find out the distance for our oldest (thanks to "Log Your Run, we know it is 1.8 miles to walk all the streets)
  • one kid finally getting time with a friend of his
  • walking another neighborhood so another kid could hang out with a friend ~ I hung out with the moms
  • being able to eat pizza, just 5 weeks after surgery!  Woo Hoo, that his HUGE as we've been doing pizza Friday for about 13 years now!
  • a heating pad on tired, worn out feet
What has made today special for you?  What makes you feel joy?

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