Thursday, October 2, 2014

Posting with a slight smirk!!!

When I started this blog, at the beginning of August, I got to the point I was writing posts 2 to 3 days out.  It was much easier then, "Being Joyful Through the Alphabet" made it easy.  Probably why I loved the themes for so long.  It was easy to collect my thoughts and joyfulness on a particular thing.  Finding joy is still easy, when one slows down.  It comes naturally, at moments, and more difficult at others.  Yeah, I know, I have mentioned that before and I will probably say it again at some point.  So to my list for today:

  • a ride to Micheal's for yarn
  • knitting about 5 inches already (LOVE those big needles ~ 50 US)
  • running into a friend, at Micheal's, of course in the yarn section
  • gentle reprimands, from friends, today about doing to much
  • being able to find movies to tie in with History (Amazing Grace)
  • odd, but pleasant, mixture of sounds coming in the window (ice cream truck, train in the distance, neighborhood dogs)
  • being able to eat a "normal" dinner
I leave you with the starts of another baby blanket.  I do so enjoy knitting!

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