Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More & More & More

and more RAIN!!!  We sure have gotten a lot lately.  Makes me think we live in Seattle, Washington; but we don't!  Honestly, it's not bugging me to much anymore.  Makes me think of Christen and how much she likes a rainy day.

Here's what our dog looked like most of the day:

Yes, she's even hugging her blanket!

The Joy for the Day, as that is the point of this blog:
  • first batch of brownies baked in my pyrex from yesterday
  • feeling skinny in the jeans I bought yesterday
  • doctor saying I'm good to go after surgery (4 weeks ago)
  • breakfast burritos for dinner
  • a pretty good school day
  • time for hanging out with friends tonight
  • music in the background, almost all day
  • mulling spices going all day
Have a blessed evening!!

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