Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Even in the storm, I can find joy!

We've had a lot of hard rain today, we've had tornado warnings, too!  Still lots to be thankful for.  Almost feels odd to say that, because after so many gray days in a row, it starts getting weary and dreary feeling.  Today, not so much!  That, in of itself, it something to be thankful for.  As of this posting, here's my list:

  • funny as get all video ~ watch it and see!
  • my Dad's birthday!!
  • neighbor blowing some of the leaves in our yard, into his yard to take care of!  
  • coffee tasting really good
  • soy wax melts, scenting the air so much, Kevin thought I was baking!  I think it is gingerbread something or another (sorry Mike and Paula, totally forgot which one it is.  It was a candle where the jar broke and I pulled all the glass off and saved the wax)
  • kid finishing cleaning his room (it's taken WAY TO LONG)
  • getting caught up on a few computer chores
  • having a fun dialog with a friend on face book!
  • Kevin coming home early from work; water main broke near his building, so the whole building got evacuated.  He still finished up his work day at home, but it's been nice having him in the house anyway!
That's all I've got for now.  One kid finishing up school, another cleaning his room, hubby working, and I'm blogging (should be doing chores! lol).

The red tree isn't so red anymore!
Ground is all red and green!

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