Thursday, October 30, 2014

Comparison is the Death of Joy . . .

you can find that quote on many cute little subway art type things or photos or hand drawn art.  The truth is, it's true.  When you or I begin to compare ourselves to what others have or what we think they have, we loose sight of our own strength and talents; our own giftedness.  We forget about the things that bring joy and the things to be thankful for.

Been a rough week here (lol, among others picture perfect, Facebook worthy, costume & pumpkin posts).  Everyone's sleep cycle has been off.  We're all a bit more edgy, a bit more cranky.  Something might snap.  Trying to find the joyful things and things to be thankful for has been hard.  I've wanted to skip a few days in a row.  Just not worry about the good things.

Thing is, writing seems to help me remember the good and joyful things.  Not that anyone is expecting a post a day, but at some level, it feels like I am accountable to get a post out a day.  It keeps me looking for something to be joyful about.

So today, before I crash early (and get to sleep in tomorrow), here are my things for the day:

  • wispy clouds in a blue sky
  • Fiddler on the Roof is almost here, making for two happy kids
  • trying to make jam again (think I might have failed again, but really don't care at this point)
  • not being worried at how long school took
  • Hobbit references to our eating habits today
And that is my minimum quantity for posting lately, but at least I have current photo's as of today, for posting.

 The back of NVPLayer's Fall 2014

Clouds outside my front door

I leave you with these questions to ponder and answer if you care:

When life is feeling rough, how do you focus in on the joyful things and on gratitude?  How do you not compare yourself to others?

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