Friday, October 10, 2014

A Difference of Two ~

that is all it takes!  Two days ago, the weather was wonderful, today everything is wet from the rain last night and the clouds NEVER left!  It's gray and overcast.  Air damp, just to the point that it won't rain, but you can feel it.  A chill in the air.

It's turned into a clean pj day, clean out your drawers and see what you need for the winter, kind of day.  At least that is adding to the purging and organizing.

There is joy in all this though:
  • visual confirmation that the boys are growing by the stacks of clothing that are two short
  • extra time to snuggle under a blanket
  • more time to double check the "grocery lists"
  • a quick school day despite the overcast day
  • boy being rather independent today
  • sounds of dog snoring
Our day looks kind of like this!

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