Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Friendship, Memories, and Blessings in Disguise

Today has been a slow day by all accounts.  Three out of the 4 of us rested/napped some.  We even went out for lunch, again today, as yesterday's lunch was comped.  CafĂ© Rio was today's selection; one of our favorite places.  Hours of fullness followed.  Great food though.

It's been a difficult week (or longer), to say the least.  Very hard to get through, but things are turning around.  I understand everyone has rough patches, some are the size of a hiccup, other's spell last a lot longer.  That is why I am thankful for a friend tonight.  She had a large gathering at her house this evening and included me.  It was touching that I responded very late and etiquette would say I should have just declined.  She graciously let me come, "just as I am" ~ mess and all.  It meant a lot to me.

So the memories aspect of the evening.  My friend, lives down a bunch of "country back roads".  As Christmas is just around the corner, it reminded me of driving to Wisconsin, to visit family.  The roads windy, sometimes you would get a fog and the lights (street lights, Christmas lights, or security lights) look amazing.  It was a little nerving driving down these roads, but the trip home was a bit easier, more relaxing.  I was pleasantly reminded of the radio show "The Shadow"; so much so, I pulled out some of the cd's I "wished for" a number of Christmas ago.  I am now, kicking back, glass of wine, and listening to one of the shows.

Enjoying a quiet moment before bed, enjoying the memories, enjoying friendship!

One set of grandparent's house ~
the reason I love Craftsman style house

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