Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekend drawing to an end

and have to admit, even with school out for the year, thankful the weekend is over.  It has felt really rough today.  A kid unhappy because he can't get me what he wants to (already bought by someone else), a very bad haircut that will take months to grow out, and an unorganized way about the day.  Lots not done that would have been nice to get done, but not!  Even managed to mess the blog up and deleted the page with my running total of things that have brought joy.  Not sure I'll recreate it, so won't be sure what numbers I get to!  So much for "10,000 Reasons"!

Writing Christmas Cards this year, going to see how many I can get out.  Kevin has written a couple, I've gotten three done.  Wonder if we can use a whole box.  Here's aiming for 18!

Here's an impromptu card for you readers ~  Merry Christmas:

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