Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Wonderful Wednesday to you!

It truly has been a wonderful day, despite moments of concern (which has been turned around ~ Thank God!!).  Not a whole lot of idle chat today, just jumping into my thanks:
  • fun catching up with a "therapy friend"; you know you always make friends at work or therapy or sports practices with the other moms around!
  • a trusted handy man taking care of a reoccurring problem we've had for about 2 to 3 years now
  • school was full of laughter today
  • handyman enjoying our history lesson today and asking our kids questions about it ~ aha, they were able to answer it!
  • school finished, graded, and put away by 3:00 PM, even after a late start
  • time to watch Christmas videos
  • some chores already done
Someone needed to burn off steam;
had him do some jumping jacks,
which lead into opening a pencil sharpener,
which lead into junk all over the floor,
which lead to him vacuuming!

He poses well, doesn't he?

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