Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

We joined the craziness again today (did the Black Friday thing) and by the 24th we still weren't finished shopping!  Ugh, some day we'll get it right.

I am thankful for traditions today.  It helps build the memories.  We got just about all in.  Missed church with weird colds and missed reading Luke 2 as everyone is exhausted.  Yet, it's after eleven and here I am typing away a blog post.

Here's a look at our evening:

 Someone not feeling to well on Christmas Eve.
We stayed home from church and watched a lot of t.v.

 Someone not wanting their picture taken.

 Christmas Tradition since 2003 ~ pajamas on Christmas Eve
Simon has a blue top.

 Ian a green top.

 Matching bottoms!
And "One Sock Ian"
Never did understand how he starts with two
and ends up with one by the end of the day.

 Think it is the second year we have "t.p.'d" their doors.
Red crepe paper is cheaper than actual toilet paper.
Two rolls for a dollar.

The other bedroom door!

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