Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cleaning up old Christmas Crafts

Took a few minutes today and cleaned up an old Christmas Tree craft I'd made many years ago.  It's a tree, with 35 light wholes cut out, I got at Micheal's.  I had panted it with glossy green and it just never looked right to me ~ to fake.  The other day, the fabric bows got plucked off and today I sanded the sucker to dull the green down.  It looks better but possibly needs touches of another green and some white.  May attach the bows back and a new star.  That will all be another day.

So today am thankful for:

  • sandpaper that never got put away
  • razor blades to pop off glue
  • strand of 35 light bulbs that still works after many years (not a dead bulb yet)
  • the snow men and santa's that stand next to said tree

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