Monday, December 15, 2014


I've been finding it hard to come back to the blog, to write about what is good and joyful.  It's a season I suppose.  In my head, I know there is good and joyful things, but the practicality of that hard and difficult.

Amazingly, there are still a few people reading this blog.  Makes me wonder why?  Seriously, if you are a regular reader, please share in the comments why you keep coming back.  I could use the encouragement.

In the meantime, a funny sort of thing that doesn't happen often around here.  Making dinner, I found a double yolked egg.  Son wanted a picture of it, so that is it for today, a picture of off the wall joy.


  1. I read because you're my friend, and I like to see what you're up to. (((hugs)))

  2. Keep writing. What you write is important and it matters. I read because you write.