Monday, December 29, 2014

Little Boy Pockets

If you are, or have been, a mom of a little boy, you may already know where this post is going!  The contents of boys pockets and the treasures they hold.  We have been spared the worst case scenario - animal or critter going through wash and dry - eek and gage!  There has been many other things ~ have had a wrapped tootsie roll make it through wash dry fully in tact!  Many things have been found before the wash ~ mostly rocks and sticks, but many don't.  Here's a picture of just a few:

Other miscellaneous things:

  • day off from school
  • sleeping in
  • watching "Beauty and The Beast" Cast One video
  • starting work on our bath (never turns out to be an easy project does it)
Got photo's added to my Christmas Post if you want to take a look!!!

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