Friday, December 19, 2014

Pizza Friday, Among other things

Yes, we have homemade pizza just about every Friday evening.  Think it is safe to say we average 50 out of 52 Fridays a year.  Once in awhile it gets shuffled to Thursday, when boys are out of town due to Scout events or if we are traveling.  Today was no different ~ 4 individual pizzas to the rescue.

Today was also the last scheduled school day of the calendar year 2014.  School still took a bit, but it's been finished, corrected by me, and then corrected by the boys.  Simon may work a head on biology, but that is his choice, not mine.

Thankful list for the day:
  • individual pizzas
  • cool shadows on the wall (see the photo below)
  • taking the ends of various veggies and having them grow (see photo)
  • watching "Elf" last night
 We have gold letters in the window
spelling N O E L

The closer one is Romaine lettuce
the further back is celery

Should you read this far, and care to see more photos, check out December 1 post.  I added a photo that is relevant!

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