Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random Life & Thankfulness

Some days, it really pours.  The good seems and feels so obvious.  The things just seem to come flooding in.  So many things.   Memories, moments, remembering!

Thankful I haven't given up on this blog, in that, there are days that it is hard to see the good and be thankful.

Today, it's:

  • a bag I've been using for co-op, monogrammed just for me (or a few of my closest Jennifer friends ~ lol)
  • dollar store run
  • good chips, cheap
  • co-op tie dyeing going well
  • color being contained, mostly
  • good cleaning products for the few dribbles
  • small group and transparency
  • kid trying to do his hair for Suessical
  • not the only parent doing hair and make-up in the parking lot
  • hacking some one's facebook status with irrelevant, to topic, discussions
  • seeing friendship through this all
Yesterday brought a few as well:
  • Thankful for friends
  • Starbucks runs
  • text messages
  • Holy Spirit speaking
  • kid going crazy reading
Will try to come back and add photo's later and post to the various places!  If you came here early, hope you enjoy your pictureless read.

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