Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Oh The Things You Can Think"

 Our family is just coming off a Suessical high!  Puns are happening, it just can't be helped.  Fun is inevitable, just let out a whelp.

Thinking "aloud" here!  Oh the things you can think.  Thinking I need to be more intentional about blogging here.  Life is just whizzing by; more quickly than I care to admit.  Things, again, in random order, but no 1's or 2's, as they're all equally good:
  • being "kidnapped" by friends
  • homemade poptarts
  • grass growing in thicker than years before
  • car passing inspection (thought I had issues with the brakes)
  • plants not fully dying
  • planning out 2015/2016 school year already
  • heating pads for achey back
  • coffee ~ you just can't be thankful enough
  • having the windows open
  • kids having good group of friends
  • co-op winding down
  • planning meetings for next year
  • bees buzzing along
  • monogrammed bag
Cute bag, just for me

Under watered plant!

24 hours after a good watering,
it is thriving again

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