Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lots of Random, Lots of Good, Lots of lots!

Trying something new in my blogging ~ keeping a rough draft going, of my thankfulness, so that when I decide to publish (and rewrite) I don't have to wrack my brain for what has brought me joy.  This is the first writing like this, so no telling how many days it will take to actually hit publish!!!  I may shoot for every two to three days or so.  It will honestly depend on the photos that strike me or the moments of awe.

  • school finished and graded by 1:23 PM
  • curious kid doing self guided science experiments
  • catching up on sleep after a bad night of sleep ~ priceless
  • cool breeze, open window, and bird sounds
  • making a double batch of brownies
  • meal planning for a full week, before grocery shopping
  • beginnings of deep cleaning
  • kids at "tech week" for "Suessical"
  • hustling, all day, to get chores done
  • time off from school
  • working washer and dryer (even if the washer leaks a bit)
  • daffodils
  • trees popping with spring buds
  • knowing what is for dinner
  • getting frozen dinner parts out early
  • Pandora playing all day long
  • enjoying the company of our kids
  • finding out I am ahead on my bible study
  • time to sit for a brief bit
  • the smell of clean blankets
  • reviewing photos on phone
  • Kevin coming home with meat and wine (weird combination, but brings pleasure)
  • double batch of brownies in oven
Know it is such random stuff!  But it's the joy in randomness that makes life interesting and keeps my mind off the the bad!  And with this, believe it is time to get up and clean some more.  Yes, I will be crashing later from all of the stairs and laundry and other related life stuff.

Just one photo today!  Kid played with food coloring and
water.  Cool, huh?  I liked it, he had fun ~ win/win!

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