Thursday, April 30, 2015


What more can I say about the day.  Both kids woke up later than I would have liked and are now napping.  Yes, in the "real world" or in a "school building" they would be moving around numb with tiredness.  Well, if they are working, were this tired, hopefully they could take a sick day.  It is a perk of home schooling ~ allowing sleep to happen and still get their work done.  It just means that their free time has been used up by sleep instead of electronics and we're okay with that.

Otherwise, it's been a good day, a quiet day, a fast and slow day.  Windows open, birds chirping, planes flying, dog barking, regular neighborhood noise kind of day.

What I'm choosing to be thankful for today:
  • extra, quiet moments
  • shower
  • remembering what's in our cabinets and making a good lunch
  • being able to meal plan "on the fly"
  • a working vacuum cleaner
  • kids happy with getting hair cut at home
  • looking forward to summer
  • being available for our boys
And to close out this quick post, a photo of daisies ~ I should buy some this year!

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