Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Days That Speed Along

This is one of those blog posts, I just don't know how to title. Catchy isn't happening, honesty seems to forthright, and inspiration is lacking!! Life has been busy. School has been trucking along, mild colds hitting the household (thankful it's not the big colds going around), and general hustling to where we're ready for bed early in the evening. The other day, felt hit hard by the need to sleep, early in the day. Laid down, for what I thought would be 20 minutes, if I was lucky ~ 3 hours later I forced myself up. Didn't expect that as I am generally not a napper. Anyway, you add all our activities, school getting doubled up so kids can take Friday off, and general life things (chores, shopping, and what not) it has made for some long, tiring days. Don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, if it reads this way. It's just been an exhausting week. Looking forward to life being a bit slower. That will happen soon, very soon at the rate our days seem to be speeding along.

Any hoot, still finding the good and lovely things. Here's how it's been going lately:

  • finding a favorite pen in the van
  • 3 rolls of Washi tape
  • "labeling" new electronics with said Washi tape
  • kid realizing a choice in one tape matches the cover of new phone (lol)
  • making bread this evening
  • good doctors appointment
  • getting the hang of using a planner
  • getting things checked off a list
  • finding a mysteriously placed bag of aquarium gravel
  • potting some pansies in a pretty container
  • buying a few parts and pieces to make new curtain rods
  • getting ready for bed

  •  first purchase of Washi Tape
    wooden box, behind tape, has been prepped for new purpose ~
    you can only faintly see where apples had been painted!

     see how well the dots match the chevron pattern!

     close up of hummingbird on planter

    planter with pansies in it
    looking forward to gifting this soon!

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