Monday, April 6, 2015

Wonderful Things, Days, Moments

So many random things, so many good things, so hard to put them together in paragraph form.  It's okay to not be able to write in standard form.  I don't always want to stray from a normal format, but there are times when you just need to jump into a list, like now!

                  p  i n g
                                        with no regret
  • a sunset so orange, it felt warm in a cool evening
  • the sunrise, the following morning, being a softer, colorful version like a favorite quilt pulled up tight
  • using mason jars for Kevin's and my Easter candy
  • being reminded on my grandparents putting candy jars on their heart, at Christmas, for each grandchild
  • time with my folks.  Wonderful time to just catch up, in person
  • seeing some of my siblings and their spouses
  • easy ride to their house and home
  • early morning car ride and seeing a beautiful moon
  • getting the deck cleaned up some for summer
  • warm days, skin turning pink
  • bbq chicken, with a good, but mild kick (drats, didn't write anything down)
  • opening day for Washington Nationals
  • attacking a to do list that feels a mile long
  • checking all the "must do" boxes on my to do list (and then some long term stuff)
  • celery drying slowly
 one side of jar

 the other side
We do minimal candy, but really good candy!

dried leaves from a bunch of celery

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