Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Random Joy

All sorts of joy today; gratitude all over the roadmap; looks like a plate of spaghetti noodles all jumbled together.

Sometimes, randomness and mess can be good.  Today, we were okay with it.  After gathering up the stash of knitting needles and matching up their mates, I finished cleaning out a basket.  In that process, money was found, in an envelope addressed to me.  Very unexpected surprise, a joyful and greatful moment.

Another moment was driving across town, Adele on Pandora playing, and the sky clearing up.  Beautiful shades of blue and white clouds.  In the van felt warm, without the heat turned on.  This, after two and a half days of dreary, felt wonderful.

Listing the hightlights looks like this:
  • blue skies
  • found money
  • day not rushed
  • winter sunset through the trees
  • moments to sit and chat

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