Monday, January 23, 2017

A Blustery Day!

A blustery and rainy day.  Windy enough to move the outside furniture or knock them over.  We survived.  Looked forward to around dinner time when we start closing up the curtains for the day; wanted an end to the cold, rain, and dark.
  • wind moving the storm away
  • socks
  • music
  • falling asleep to Screwtape Letters
  • new recipe for dinner
  • working on sky scarf
Maybe tomorrow I'll have a progress photo of the scarf!  I can dare to dream.

As a total side note, the slowness of the day and lack of weekly meal planning meant last minute thawing of meat.  Have found that once the meat is a little thawed, it can be cut down into smaller chunks, which cooks and breaks up easily.  Cooking save & kitchen hack!

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