Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nothing Catchy Today!

If writing titles to draw the reader was hard, today feels worse.  Thankfully, I am not necessarily trying to win anyone over with my writing ability.  Not trying to earn a living by drawing you in or click on affiliated links.

Another beautiful day for the books.  Although VERY frigid, single digit/low teens frigid, it was a gorgeous day.  As the sun came up, through the trees, it was a vibrant orange; warm, glowing, inviting.  There was also the wind, gusting and making it feel colder than the already low numbers.  Sitting on the warm side of the window, it was wonderful to watch.

The joy of the day:
  • bible classes starting again
  • sunshine for miles
  • time with extended family
  • brief chats with friends
  • general feeling of JOY

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