Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Warmth, Messiness, A Beautiful Life

It was a day of noise, of messiness, of 70 degree weather, of windows open, of Spring in the air, of noise, of silence.  All summed up, a day of beauty.  A hard day, definitely; a day of learning, of getting it done, of letting it go, yet still beautiful.

Saw glimmers of what it would be like having a larger family, at least for a few hours.  Saw the personalities in children and "rolled" with each unique one.  Thankfulness throughout the day.  Reminders of how quickly time flies; how moments drag on.  Greatful for bedtimes and the hope of doing it al again tomorrow.
  • first round of coffee
  • a singular clover, reaching for sunshine
  • laughter
  • science experiments
  • younger being a gracious host
  • large enough house to "hid" from the craziness
 Singular Clover

As messy as Christmas morning!

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