Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Twenty Turns Around the Sun

Today, Kevin and I celebrated 20 years of mairrage.  Rather low key!  No fancy meals or flowers or getting all "dolled up"!  He worked from home, as he usually does on Tuesdays; I attended to some chores; kept boys focused on school; we ate chocolate; leftovers for lunch.  Low key!

Suppose I'd been "milking" the anniversary for days.  Out for coffee one day, dinner out when it was convinient, walks here and there, trip to Occoquan (more for me than him).  Still a nice day, despite the rain.  That didn't even make the day gray.  20 years ago, it rained all day, it seemed.  The gray today, reminded me of 1997.  LOL!  No trip to 7/11 for cold drinks, in the tuxedo and dress though.  That was funny!

Thankfulness, in all seriousness, is a touch easier today:
  • memories shared
  • chocolate, both good and average
  • gifts
  • cold brew coffee filter
  • homemade valentines cards
  • rain
  • easy feeling day
  • Kevin's "getting the small stuff done" drive
  • chocolate cake, just to have cake
Well shucks, can't find the photos I wanted.  Maybe they'll get added on another date.

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