Monday, February 6, 2017

Warm Weather . . . .

 while waiting for snow.  Seen the possiblity for Winter weather on Thursday!  Truly hope it is for "real"!  We are due and we are ready.  In the mean time, has been nice to air out the house, get the plants out on the deck for a bit of time, dog sunning outside.
  • warm weather
  • slow morning
  • supplies for crafting magnets
  • candles, both real (soy based) and battery operated
  • overall good feeling all day long
  • pulling out the duct tape
 Pink Duct Tape  to mend a school folder.
Yes, it might be cheapr to use new one, but the
tape adds a pop of color!

Plant in green pot is a butterfly bush I saved and bringing
back to life.  Hope it will grow rather large over the spring and summer.
In the plan pot are clover and in the blue is my Rosemary bush.

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