2015 Joy

  1. my siblings, their spouses, and their friends
  2. my neighbor (who reminds me a lot of my dad)
  3. coffee & white chocolate syrup
  4. to do calendars
  5. fruit and veggies
  6. chocolate chip cookies made and cleaned up by someone else
  7. smell of oil based paint finally dissipating
  8. pretty sunrise
  9. more organization in basement
  10. organizing a party for our almost 15 yo
  11. getting use to not having tv on most of the day
  12. today's date ~ 1/5/15
  13. first snow fall (and no shovels!)
  14. neighbors taking care of whole pipe stem
  15. making chocolate syrup
  16. general feeling of being okay
  17. getting ceiling in our bathroom painted
  18. 2 and 1/2 hour nap
  19. avoidance of some chores tonight (please ignore my resolutions above for now)
  20. getting kid the right meds for his cold
  21. independent kid getting school finished
  22. getting a lot of stuff done around the house despite 3 trips out
  23. time for feet up and Netflix, twice even
  24. getting more stuff into "It's Deductible"
  25. husband who likes to cook
  26. being tired at the end of the day
  27. extra time at home
  28. getting chores done
  29. kid napping
  30. comfy clothes all day long
  31. easy, pleasing dinner
  32. time with just the four of us
  33. son coming home from church, with another birthday present from a friend who was sick
  34. Kevin gassing up the van for me
  35. getting the most needed thing done for tomorrow accomplished first
  36. miserable/ortho inflicted kid laughing by the end of the day
  37. listening to Pentatonix "That's Christmas to Me" while working
  38. realizing I don't have to listen to their "Frozen" song!
  39. a dog that will come in to "Milkbone" when I don't want to be a door attendant
  40. kicking back (while working) and watching Netflix with the family
  41. birthdays
  42. three layer cake
  43. leftover ice cream
  44. music
  45. presents
  46. brief moments in the house, alone
  47. decorating, quickly, for birthday
  48. audition for upcoming play for Ian
  49. nap after therapy this morning (couple hours I think)
  50. Kevin getting a nap today (talk about tag team parenting)
  51. sheets and towels washed, dried, folded and put away by Kevin
  52. EASY dinner
  53. first bible study of the semester
  54. call backs for kid who auditioned earlier in the day
  55. older son getting to run lights for "The Mix"
  56. slow morning
  57. remembering to getting things done
  58. early bedtime
  59. finishing up round one of cakes
  60. writing this blog post early
  61. relief from a tension headache
  62. making donuts with new pans
  63. not having to go anywhere early in the morning
  64. leftover donuts as part of breakfast
  65. boys did most of school on their own
  66. Quest Sold Out for our 6th grader
  67. one hair cut down, one more requested
  68. sunshine and blue skies for a pleasant change in scenery
  69. clean house
  70. pizza for dinner, again
  71. leftovers for another day
  72. time to read
  73. cool presents for an almost 12 yo
  74. time for Netflix
  75. warm clothes in a not so warm house (we keep the thermostat in the high 60's)
  76. beautiful sunset
  77. at a glance with Kevin, kind of agreed on something, to be discussed more, but still can communicate with a nod
  78. being taken out to lunch after church
  79. walking the dog, even if it was cold.  We both got to stretch our legs
  80. encouraging a church friend about a few things for himself and his wife
  81. son wanting to fill out a leadership form, for Youth Group
  82. other friends checking in on me
  83. getting dinner started early ~ mild Italian sausage in a marinara sauce, with bread
  84. leftovers for lunch and dinner
  85. fun picture day
  86. starts of a new play
  87. getting most of a to do list done
  88. being okay with what didn't get done
  89. feeling tired at the end of the day (both physically and mentally, in a good way)
  90. looking forward to the last of the celebrations tomorrow
  91. thankful for a teen keeping laundry going
  92. almost finishing our bathroom
  93. seeing color combinations I liked (see photo below)
  94. train whistle (it truly never gets old for me), for some reason it helped me focus today
  95. seeing delight in my child's eyes
  96. lunch out with the family
  97. easy dinner ~ catered to the 12yo ~ hot dogs and chips
  98. evening activities being canceled
  99. needed veg time
  100. easy good, dinner
  101. heating pad
  102. finding my fleece jacket
  103. almost bedtime!
  104. good co-op with the boys ~ they made airplane launchers (check out the link to Frugal Fun for boys; lots of great things to do)
  105. time for small group
  106. early bedtime, but not as early as yesterday
  107. Kevin coming home
  108. cut wood drying
  109. things put away
  110. dog finally coming home after a 20 minute run through the woods (and yes, right before we needed to head out)
  111. younger son, in joyful tears, hugging our wayward dog (I forget how attached he is to Ms. Charlotte)
  112. friends noticing, I seem to have a happier demeanor
  113. another good nights sleep (still getting over a slight cold, so sleep is a wonderful thing)
  114. a rainy morning
  115. leftover soup for breakfast
  116. a heating pad for achy muscles
  117. smelly pup, curled up by my side (I probably would have missed her to, had she not come home yesterday)
  118. thankful that it is Friday
  119. favorite cookbook showing it's love just a bit more
  120. lazy birthdays
  121. simple presents
  122. candles
  123. ice cream
  124. favorite meals
  125. date with my husband
  126. revamp of goals
  127. funny pictures that make me smile
  128. a sunset so orange, it felt warm in a cool evening
  129. the sunrise, the following morning, being a softer, colorful version like a favorite quilt pulled up tight
  130. using mason jars for Kevin's and my Easter candy
  131. being reminded on my grandparents putting candy jars on their heart, at Christmas, for each grandchild
  132. time with my folks.  Wonderful time to just catch up, in person
  133. seeing some of my siblings and their spouses
  134. easy ride to their house and home
  135. early morning car ride and seeing a beautiful moon
  136. getting the deck cleaned up some for summer
  137. warm days, skin turning pink
  138. bbq chicken, with a good, but mild kick (drats, didn't write anything down)
  139. opening day for Washington Nationals
  140. attacking a to do list that feels a mile long
  141. checking all the "must do" boxes on my to do list (and then some long term stuff)
  142. celery drying slowly
  143. school finished and graded by 1:23 PM
  144. curious kid doing self guided science experiments
  145. catching up on sleep after a bad night of sleep ~ priceless
  146. cool breeze, open window, and bird sounds
  147. making a double batch of brownies
  148. meal planning for a full week, before grocery shopping
  149. beginnings of deep cleaning
  150. kids at "tech week" for "Suessical"
  151. hustling, all day, to get chores done
  152. time off from school
  153. working washer and dryer
  154. daffodils
  155. trees popping with spring buds
  156. knowing what is for dinner
  157. getting frozen dinner parts out early
  158. Pandora playing all day long
  159. enjoying the company of our kids
  160. finding out I am ahead on my bible study
  161. time to sit for a brief bit
  162. the smell of clean blankets
  163. reviewing photos on phone
  164. Kevin coming home with meat and wine
  165. double batch of brownies in oven
  166. friendship blossoming for our kids
  167. seeing our kids shine in their talents
  168. seeing our kids extend themselves further than they imagined
  169. our kids being appreciated by adults
  170. random acts of kindness
  171. friendships blossoming for the mom's and dad's involved
  172. learning patience
  173. learning time management
  174. a bag I've been using for co-op, monogrammed just for me (or a few of my closest Jennifer friends ~ lol)
  175. dollar store run
  176. good chips, cheap
  177. co-op tie dyeing going well
  178. color being contained, mostly
  179. good cleaning products for the few dribbles
  180. small group and transparency
  181. kid trying to do his hair for Suessical
  182. not the only parent doing hair and make-up in the parking lot
  183. hacking some one's facebook status with irrelevant, to topic, discussions
  184. seeing friendship through this all
  185. Thankful for friends
  186. Starbucks runs
  187. text messages
  188. Holy Spirit speaking
  189. kid going crazy reading
  190. being "kidnapped" by friends
  191. homemade poptarts
  192. grass growing in thicker than years before
  193. car passing inspection (thought I had issues with the brakes)
  194. plants not fully dying
  195. planning out 2015/2016 school year already
  196. heating pads for achey back
  197. coffee ~ you just can't be thankful enough
  198. having the windows open
  199. kids having good group of friends
  200. co-op winding down
  201. planning meetings for next year
  202. bees buzzing along
  203. monogrammed bag
  204. extra, quiet moments
  205. shower
  206. remembering what's in our cabinets and making a good lunch
  207. being able to meal plan "on the fly"
  208. a working vacuum cleaner
  209. kids happy with getting hair cut at home
  210. looking forward to summer
  211. being available for our boys

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