2014 Joy

Working on recreating the 2014 list.  Might take me a few days, but will see what I can do.  I will try to keep up on 2015 as well.
  1. Autumn Hill Candles
  2. basil
  3. bedtime
  4. the Bible
  5. breakfast sandwiches
  6. BEEF (3rd trimester craving while pregnant with our oldest)
  7. Beauty and the Beast by NVP
  8. butter flies
  9. chips
  10. crocus'
  11. chubby cheeks
  12. cheese
  13. Crandon, Wisconsin
  14. crayons
  15. campfires (fond memories around them with various family members)
  16. chocolate
  17. comics
  18. crackers
  19. cheese
  20. donuts
  21. dandelions
  22. date night
  23. date walks
  24. dessert
  25. dancing
  26. dogwood trees
  27. December
  28. dreams
  29. dinner & a movie
  30. drives on country roads
  31. dominoes ~ the game
  32. eggs
  33. Easter
  34. Evinrude
  35. Edelweiss
  36. espresso
  37. engagement
  38. Earl Grey Tea
  39. education
  40. eleven
  41. family
  42. friendship
  43. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
  44. Fried Oreos
  45. Ford ~ first car I bought for myself
  46. felted knit items
  47. flaky baked items
  48. fog
  49. Five Guys
  50. Five in a Row
  51. fall
  52. fresh fruit
  53. 14
  54. family sharing exact birthdays (minus the year)
  55. Goose decorations
  56. Grose Family
  57. Grace Group
  58. games with the family
  59. Ghirardelli chocolate
  60. Grace for the day
  61. hot air balloons
  62. hot air pop corn
  63. hot tubs
  64. helicopter rides
  65. home
  66. home
  67. hummingbirds
  68. hydrangea
  69. iced coffee
  70. icicles hanging from trees and roof tops
  71. Ian
  72. Ice Cream
  73. "Incredibles" Movies
  74. Jennifer's
  75. Kevin
  76. knitting
  77. kneading
  78. key lime pie
  79. kielbasa
  80. Keith Clan
  81. letters
  82. lilacs
  83. loaf of fresh bread
  84. Lego's
  85. laughter
  86. (The) Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  87. Little House on the Prairie
  88. Left-handed children
  89. Lorraine Hall
  90. nutcrackers
  91. nothing on the schedule
  92. Nonnie (my grandmother), then my mom to my kids and their cousins
  93. nonpareils
  94. nutmegs
  95. Noel
  96. Narnia Series
  97. David Neuvue
  98. NV Players ~ home school theater group
  99. out takes at the end of a movie
  100. orange scones
  101. Oompa Loompa
  102. Oak trees
  103. Oreos
  104. Patsy Cline
  105. Poland
  106. pansies
  107. pizza night
  108. popcorn
  109. quiet
  110. quiche
  111. quintessential
  112. quality
  113. quilt
  114. Quinnipiac University
  115. Quindar
  116. rainbows
  117. red fruits and veggies
  118. rosemary
  119. "Remember When" by Alan Jackson
  120. Simon
  121. songs
  122. sound check
  123. salads
  124. sandwiches
  125. Sundays
  126. Saturdays
  127. snow days
  128. sunsets
  129. sunrises
  130. tree walker coon hound
  131. treats
  132. tea sets
  133. tea
  134. turkey
  135. teteris
  136. umbrella
  137. underdog
  138. "Up"
  139. vista
  140. vegetables
  141. vacations
  142. woodworking
  143. Whatchamacallit candy bar
  144. WMZQ
  145. xylophone
  146. mailbox
  147. relax
  148. fix
  149. wax
  150. faux
  151. Borax
  152. yarns
  153. yes's
  154. you ~ the reader of this blog
  155. yarn
  156. yawns
  157. yeast
  158. zipadee do da
  159. zone
  160. zoo
  161. zest
  162. Zacheaus
  163. Kevin's turn
  164. my best friend
  165. learned to recite Romans 8:28 from him 
  166. he's a man of few words
  167. dedicated to making sure he reads his bible everyday
  168. helps around the house a fare amount and pitches in a lot when I'm not able 
  169. willing to take short walks with me, so I can "brain dump"; he understands how I need to process life 
  170. his humor can be off the wall or "dry" sometimes, think he gets it from his Dad
  171. thankful we've made it through 17 1/2 years (18 in February)!
  172. thankful first impressions are NOT always the best judgement of character.
  173. he has learned to do a lot around the house, that even he admits, he had no desire to learn to do 
  174. Simon's turn
  175.  has always felt like a side kick, wants to come along for the ride, walk or whatever
  176. good sleeper ~ falls asleep quick and usually wakes up happy as a lark
  177. maturing into a fine young man
  178. goal driven to get his Eagle Scout Rank
  179. willing to try new things and will give a polite review (or outstanding review if he really likes it)
  180. loves to tinker with Legos or my dad's wood shop
  181. finding his own set of friends and learning how to maintain them (so thankful for free long distance phone calls.  He loves to check in with a friend in Kentucky about once a week for an hour).
  182. learning to be an overcomer
  183. has a goofy sense of humor 
  184. loves the group "Skillet"
  185. enjoys serving on the youth group tech team!
  186. Ian's turn:
  187.  see's life in black and white, which can be a great thing
  188. wants to right the injustice in the world
  189. asks a lot of thought provoking questions - especially deep theological questions right before bedtime
  190. has a deep hunger for knowledge
  191. will read through a stack of books, in no time flat, if you let him
  192. makes connections between subjects that is totally amazing
  193. very easy to make laugh ~ he tries so hard, not to laugh, that he makes himself laugh
  194. his favorite verse is John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."
  195. desires to include the new person or outcast 
  196. Jennifer's parents:
  197. my dad always seemed to have change in his pocket for me to get a soda after the basket ball games I played in
  198. I remember my mom skipping some breaks, when she worked, so that she could leave early and watch a Brownie cross over to Girl Scouts
  199. one year they gave me a "boom box" and my dad rigged it to play while it was all wrapped up in the box, thought that was really cool
  200. when I think about it, Mom usually had change, too, after shopping at the commissary and stopping by a produce stand on the way home
  201. remember one year in college, did not have the best set up for roommates, my folks made the effort to come back down, only 3 weeks after school started, to help me move!
  202. they've been wonderful grandparents to our kids, giving boat rides, having worms to fish off their dock, and always having pink lemonade
  203. before kids, I always remember walking into their house to the smell of fresh bread (in a bread maker) and home made chocolate chip cookies.  Both smells are a warm fuzzy for me.
  204. the smell of fresh cut wood or stain reminds me of my dad because he loves to work with wood
  205. mom seemed to be able to sew anything, while dad could fix just about anything
  206. while my folks sill lived in our area, mom and I would sit on our front stoop and watch the storms come in ~ fun times
  207. even though it's hard to get five kids, their spouses, and all the grand kids together for Christmas, love seeing "the stockings" hung by the fireplace with care!
  208. sitting in their back yard, either on the porch or on the gentle hill to dock, and watching life go by!  And the occasional boat!
  209. jet noise as they live near a couple naval bases
  210. Kevin's parents:
  211. they love spending time with their grand kids
  212. they've taken our kids, for weekends, before, because they want to.  There was one time Ian was upset because he had to leave!
  213. they're both avid readers - a trait that has filtered down through the generations - and thus they spoil the boys with books
  214. will help out when we need someone to hang out with the boys
  215. Kevin's dad has a dry sense of humor, at least I know where Kevin gets his from!
  216. Kevin's dad worked for the same company most of his career.  Though Kevin's been at his current company a long while, he still has a while to go to catch up to his dad!
  217. Kevin's mom likes to make sure everyone has what they'd like at family meals!  She's almost a short order cook, but it's appreciated! 
  218. they love being retired - it gives them plenty of time to travel and to spend with family
  219. Fall season and the following changes:
  220. changing colors of the leaves
  221. cooler temperatures
  222. wearing an extra layer
  223. bringing out the blankets
  224. all the lovely sounding coffees, teas, and other beverages I don't drink, but sound really good!
  225. "Sunday Meals" take on a more hearty flavor
  226. more soup and stews
  227. candles (yup, another plug for Autumn Hill Candle
  228. "Mr. Pumpkin Head" ~ our front porch friend during the fall season
  229. trip to Cox Farm
  230. Winter follows Fall and brings:
  231. possibility of a White Christmas
  232. the movie "White Christmas"
  233. lots of other "traditional" Christmas movies
  234. Christmas season from the day after Thanksgiving through end of December (yes, most of that is still technically in the fall, but work with me here)
  235. the birth of both of our boys!  January brought us two boys and a number of other kids we know.  One of Ian's baseball friends was a few hours younger than him.
  236. beautiful snow ~ at least until it needs to be shoveled or we need to drive somewhere
  237. hot chocolate
  238. warm fires
  239. reading "Snowflake Bently" by  Jacqueline Briggs Martin
  240. reading "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost
  241. reading "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen
  242. Spring around the corner and:
  243. weather is warming up (after the winter of 2013/2014, warmer weather was nice.  We had a lot of snow and colder weather)
  244. my birthday is just a few days after the Spring Equinox :)
  245. the lime green grass popping up
  246. flowering trees
  247. Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.
  248. daffodils and crocus' popping up all around
  249. the first kind of nice day you grill out
  250. windows open for the first time, in a few months
  251. coloring hard boiled eggs
  252. Summer bringing warmer/hotter days:
  253. pool time
  254. lazy mornings
  255. shady spots
  256. grilled food
  257. cool days/cool nights
  258. movies going late into night (late for a middle aged mom)!
  259. extended reading time
  260. fresh fruit and veggies
  261. visiting family
  262. sound of train horn on a fall day
  263. night ~ a perfect backdrop for stars or Aurora Borealis
  264. clothing ~ very slimming
  265. asphalt driveway ~ warm to bare feet on a cool day
  266. tires ~ help keep a vehicle moving
  267. ink from a pen ~ a letter in the mail
  268. chalk board for doodling ~ ours have been black and yes it comes in other colors too!
  269. the back and temples of our tri-color coon hound
  270. a camera
  271. house numbers to welcome you home
  272. cast iron skillets to cook with
  273. macaroni and cheese
  274. melon
  275. burnt orange
  276. apricot
  277. red orange (should that be under red, since orange is listed second?)
  278. yellow orange (see above)
  279. orange
  280. peach
  281. red leaves
  282. Vera Bradley Hipster ~ in a retired, paisley red
  283. Sienna van ~ not sure what the technical color is, but red works
  284. candy canes
  285. strawberries
  286. red wine
  287. sprinkles on cookies (thinking more of Christmas cookies, than other kinds of pastries)
  288. beets
  289. red mittens, made for a child of mine
  290. rosy, red cheeks
  291. male cardinals
  292. daisies
  293. daffodils
  294. lemons
  295. sunshine
  296. scrambled eggs
  297. baby chickens
  298. minions
  299. fresh corn on the cob
  300. yellow breasted finch
  301. canister for "Burt's Bees"
  302. baskets
  303. oak furniture
  304. pine knick knacks shelves
  305. chocolate
  306. wheat bread
  307. pie crust
  308. coffee
  309. tea
  310. hardwood flooring
  311. pair of good khaki's
  312. pair of good, leather shoes
  313. Beth Moore Telecast
  314. clear ocean or lake or river so it reflects the sky
  315. the sky
  316. on one side, mostly blue with green and white plaid wool blanket my grandmother gave me (hey friend, you know who you are, the other side is mostly yellow with green and white plaid)
  317. blueberries
  318. I snicker a bit, but the blue in your lips when you've been playing hard in the snow.  hhmm ~ warm/hot chocolate to get the lips back to pink.
  319. our plates ~ oddly enough ~ are a blue plaid.  Can't seem to find replacements for them, which is disappointing.
  320. almost ALL veggies that are green (green beans, peas, avocados, asparagus, etc.)
  321. grass
  322. leaves
  323. even green on the calendar for one kid
  324. old fashioned (probably new to make look old) milk bottle with green type
  325. evergreen trees
  326. clovers
  327. Adirondack chairs (ours are green plastic)
  328. green glass in many different shapes and sizes (evergreen tree, train car, bottles, glasses, water canister)
  329. heart shaped platter sponged green, given by a friend, because it looked "country" and that is how I decorate
  330. first dream car was a green Cabrio convertible with a tan top :)
  331. basil
  332. new plants growing tall
  333. that last bit of color before the sun totally leaves the horizon
  334. seedless grapes
  335. eggplants ~ don't know if I have ever tried one, but they are pretty
  336. the purple dude, from McDonald's YEARS and YEARS ago!  
  337. purple hydrangea's mixed with blue ones
  338. a salad, colored like the rainbow, brought over when I was on bed rest with our oldest son
  339. a photo of a colorful rooster, because she knows I like them
  340. a stain glass rooster, that hung in my folks kitchen bay window for a time.  Mom found it at a yard sale, thought of me, but decided to keep it for awhile.  She passed it to me this July.
  341. almost anything stain glassed.  Have a small lamp and light over the kitchen sink.  Think I am a craftsman still home, loving girl!
  342. have seen a photo, and can't find it, of several arms showing the skin tones from white to dark brown.  Struck me that we are all one race and just shades of brown.  Loved it.
  343. Blankets I have made, over the years, that are colorful.  Not sure I have ever made one that is a solid color.  It's either variegated yarn (single strand of yarn or multiple strands) or several different solids put together for striping.
  344. colorful table clothes
  345. sunny spot in living room, where I am sitting, chaperoning an open book, history test
  346. mulled cider
  347. cool weather
  348. waking up in a good mood
  349. contemplating fall decorating
  350. friendship
  351. a nightlight
  352. one hanging over the hearth
  353. decoration in the foyer
  354. Christmas Barn Star tree topper
  355. Country Music and dancing
  356. blankets
  357. friends
  358. pre-cooked meals
  359. comfy clothes
  360. colored pens
  361. colored highlighters
  362. actually having had a C-Section with youngest kid almost 12 years ago.  The memories of how to get out of bed, from that, served me well over the last few days
  363. enjoying vegetables is a good thing, when in a liquid/soft food diet
  364. kids that are trying to get along
  365. a husband who is picking up the "slack" that I've been dropping the last few days
  366. cool weather so we can have the windows open
  367. enjoying just vegging
  368. finding joy in others joy
  369. ladies, on a homeschooling board, sharing good wisdom.  Not bothered by the load of questions asked or how to handle something.  They are not showing signs of feeling drained by my questions of help.
  370. phone call from a local friend to check in on how I am doing
  371. SNAIL MAIL ~  wow, that alone speaks volumes.  Someone took time to go buy a card AND write a message in it AND look up my address AND sign it.  It is a dying art and I am truly thankful when someone does that for me.  It's not over looked.
  372. seeing the numbers go down on the scale ~ thing it's about 43 pounds on the scale.  For once I do not weigh significantly more than my husband.  I am sure I will loose more as I recoup from surgery
  373. learning to plan ahead, both in events and meals ~ it saves time and frustration later
  374. great exchange of homeschooling ideas on Face Book
  375. kid seeing his savings account grow by choosing not spend, but save instead
  376. friends who understand how hard it can be to raise children into responsible adults
  377. using the advancement in technology as a benefit in our home school environment, even when the connections are loose and make it difficult!
  378. continued changing of summer colored leaves into fall colored leaves
  379. electricity to plug in a heating pad
  380. a ride to Micheal's for yarn
  381. knitting about 5 inches already (LOVE those big needles ~ 50 US)
  382. running into a friend, at Micheal's, of course in the yarn section
  383. gentle reprimands, from friends, today about doing to much
  384. being able to find movies to tie in with History (Amazing Grace)
  385. odd, but pleasant, mixture of sounds coming in the window (ice cream truck, train in the distance, neighborhood dogs)
  386. being able to eat a "normal" dinner
  387. FRIDAY
  388. cool, breezy day with windows open
  389. getting a few chores done
  390. trip to Springfield Butcher
  391. watching "Girl Meets World" with 6th grader while high schooler was at life group
  392. time to sit, knit, drink Earl Grey, and watch favorite shows
  393. boys mowing the lawn and doing a pretty good job
  394. getting the lawn reseeded
  395. grocery shopping (rather not on Sunday, but sometimes it needs to get done)
  396. being able to eat just a bit more
  397. glass of wine
  398. sitting with Kevin and just chatting
  399. kicking back, as a family, and watching a movie
  400. comfy clothes
  401. warm blankets
  402. kids working hard at school
  403. eating a real meal at dinner ~ what everyone else had, just smaller portions
  404. making it through most of the day before feeling like I needed a break
  405. Kevin making a Costco run on way home from work ~ love the Rotisserie Chicken
  406. time for sleep
  407. knitting (finishing one thing and starting something new)
  408. beautiful weather
  409. visual confirmation that the boys are growing by the stacks of clothing that are two short
  410. extra time to snuggle under a blanket
  411. more time to double check the "grocery lists"
  412. a quick school day despite the overcast day
  413. boy being rather independent today
  414. sounds of dog snoring
  415. teaching one son how to repair walls
  416. cleaning and organizing the basement a bit
  417. hanging out with kid while we shopped
  418. getting gas for under $3.00 a gallon
  419. coming home to a hot cup of Earl Gray
  420. watching my favorite Saturday shows
  421. helping another son organize his room
  422. Mom's birthday today
  423. Michelle's birthday as well
  424. Tomato soup that was crazy good (hope to be able to recreate it!)
  425. one son saying, "you look like you need a hug"!  I probably did!
  426. our teen, with such a teen look, flashes the sign for "I Love You"; what a mix of expression
  427. Kevin pitching in, a lot, to help wrap the day up!
  428. finally having down time at 7:00 pm
  429. two hour nap
  430. extra coffee
  431. all sots of music out of Pandora today 
  432. popping color in the trees
  433. picking up prescription for one kid
  434. some activities missed
  435. some activities still attended
  436. good doctors office
  437. phone calls
  438. oldest taking Algebra 1 final and getting a 96%
  439. youngest feeling better with ibuprofen
  440. watching "Girl Meets World" as it actually aired
  441. lovely weather
  442. compliments from friends
  443. cinching in paints just a bit more
  444. being able to fit in my "skinnier clothes"
  445. amazement over who's reading this blog
  446. grocery shopping
  447. getting a few homeschooling chores done
  448. grilled burgers
  449. fond memories of teenage girls
  450. same girls turning into proud moms of some great little kids
  451. moms of those same girls ~ are some wonderful ladies
  452. moms with toddlers
  453. music
  454. colorful trees
  455. successful trip to Salvation Army
  456. time to be able to shop alone, again today
  457. time to get caught up on grading school work
  458. bake ware that didn't cost a fortune
  459. finding clothes that fit, for cheap
  460. first batch of brownies baked in my pyrex from yesterday
  461. feeling skinny in the jeans I bought yesterday
  462. doctor saying I'm good to go after surgery (4 weeks ago)
  463. breakfast burritos for dinner
  464. a pretty good school day
  465. time for hanging out with friends tonight
  466. music in the background, almost all day
  467. mulling spices going all day
  468. saying, "I'm sorry"
  469. kids doing well in school
  470. brownies being brought to me while grading school work
  471. successful co-op today ~ boys learned about fire
  472. bunny trails
  473. memories of fun books
  474. being able to provide fun things for the boys
  475. last of the summer flowers
  476. leaf storms
  477. guys having a good weekend ahead of them
  478. time alone
  479. a bit of sewing
  480. catching up on odds and ends
  481. time to read
  482. "It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown:
  483. crock pot dinners
  484. leaf blowers
  485. iced tea after working outside
  486. a good school day for oldest
  487. warm weather
  488. hearing the local high school band play
  489. windows open
  490. opportunity to try to rest
  491. boys working independently, most of the day
  492. photo worthy moon
  493. ladies bible study
  494. going for a walk with oldest
  495. being able to be specific in praise
  496. prayers for good sleep
  497. wispy clouds in a blue sky
  498. "Fiddler on the Roof" is almost here, making for two happy kids
  499. trying to make jam again
  500. not being worried at how long school took
  501. "Hobbit" references to our eating habits today
  502. walking the whole cluster of streets, just to find out the distance for our oldest
  503. one kid finally getting time with a friend of his
  504. walking another another neighborhood so another kid could hang out with a friend
  505. being able to eat pizza, just 5 weeks after surgery
  506. a heating pad on tired, worn out feet
  507. compliments
  508. having a church to hang out at
  509. getting those "steps" in while chatting with Kevin
  510. heating pad
  511. sleep
  512. compliments again today (on my haircut this time)
  513. silly things like being able to tuck a shirt in and it look okay
  514. being okay with a minimal amount of indoor chores getting done
  515. tasty taco mac dinner
  516. hoping for an early bed time
  517. time to myself
  518. boys having fun at things they like to do
  519. easy dinner
  520. smell of fresh baked bread
  521. finally bedtime
  522. oldest paying his own way at a youth event
  523. youngest getting work done in his room
  524. Kevin staying home, with youngest, so I could still go to my bible study
  525. pulling second loaf, of homemade bread, out of freezer
  526. grace that is sufficient for the moment
  527. at the end of the day, we're all safe and that is all that is really matters
  528. boys having a good, short school day
  529. brief moments to just sit at home
  530. dressing almost identical to my son today or he like me
  531. candy shared, just because
  532. how the weather changed so quickly with the strong winds coming through
  533. hearing that my favorite candle company is closing their doors, but thankful for the run they had; still stand by their product
  534. opening night for the boys
  535. seeing the boys having fun with friends
  536. boys learning how to entertain a crowd
  537. great show for the boys
  538. beautiful fall day
  539. chance to clear back yard of leaves
  540. very true coffee signs
  541. a quiet house
  542. blankets
  543.  time to study
  544. time to read
  545. getting ahead on chores
  546. a steady stream of coffee
  547. planned meals
  548. easier school days
  549. a desperate attempt at organization
  550. finding some of the harder to find Christmas gifts
  551. homemade caramel macchiato
  552. joy of a favorite mug
  553. quietness
  554. beautiful shadows on the walls
  555. first fire of the year
  556. dog acting silly over her Kong
  557. seeing smiles on our teenagers face
  558. getting lots of little things done
  559. being able to wing a good dinner
  560. hearing our dog snore, while sleeping in front of the fire
  561. another few hours of down time with out our kids
  562. time to see friends this afternoon, even briefly
  563. time this evening to see more friends
  564. rough days
  565. seeing our boys show, just as parents, no show jobs
  566. trying really hard to not sing along with each song
  567. potting a Christmas Catus, into a larger pot
  568. waiting on a couple "new" Christmas Catus to sprout roots
  569. homemade lasagna made by a friend
  570. dinner with friends
  571. home made soup
  572. the starts of lasagna simmering all afternoon
  573. hopefully last round of leafs mostly dealt with
  574. time spent with friends after the show
  575. bread baked
  576. making my version of lasagna
  577. moments of cleaning
  578. Eagle Court of Honor for a friend's son
  579. time with some family for dinner
  580. early pj time and watching a movie
  581. boys getting to sleep in
  582. lots of cleaning getting done
  583. Kevin swinging by Costco
  584. tacos for dinner
  585. beautiful sunrise
  586. catching a lady bug
  587. being able to open up the house for awhile today
  588. fast acting coffee
  589. flexibility to adapt to life's changes
  590. time to sit and be
  591. cleaner carpeting
  592. cleaner rugs
  593. a dog, finally content to be inside (more in and out all day long)
  594. weather that keeps people home
  595. quick feeling therapy
  596. ending of "one" season and beginning of another
  597. warm breakfast on a cold day
  598. family to hang out with
  599. good food
  600. time off from normal things
  601. shopping on Black Friday
  602. traditional, after Thanksgiving sandwich ~ turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce
  603. easy drive home
  604. possible break from blogging
  605. 15yo being able to reach the top of the Christmas tree
  606. Christmas decorations going up
  607. lots of shopping
  608. sandpaper that never got put away
  609. razor blades to pop off glue
  610. strands of 35 bulbs that still works after many years
  611. everyone is healthy
  612. cars are in working order
  613. it was a "crutch" list sort of day
  614. ladies brunch
  615. Christmas decorating
  616. cookie making
  617. cleaning
  618. Children's Christmas Program
  619. meals
  620. shopping
  621. getting the Christmas village up on the mantle
  622. shopping to find the "hard to find plain Christmas M&M's"
  623. son making cookies
  624. boys wearing Santa hats all day
  625. new outdoor bows
  626. running into an "old" friend
  627. teen having fun at a friends house
  628. being able to crawl into bed late
  629. teen making a fire and keeping it going
  630. no rehearsal day
  631. time to knit
  632. almost quiet house
  633. enjoying literature with the boys
  634. good school day
  635. fun catching up with a "therapy friend"
  636. a trusty handy ma taking car of a reoccurring problem
  637. school full of laughter
  638. handyman enjoying our history lesson today
  639. school finished, graded and put a way by 3:00 PM with a late start
  640. time to watch Christmas videos
  641. some chores already done
  642. beautiful morning
  643. school went well
  644. sold a few things through Facebook
  645. wrapped a few gifts
  646. homemade chicken nuggets
  647. snow blower card (Christmas card with a balloon in it)
  648. running into a friend while grocery shopping
  649. different son making different cookies
  650. starting laundry early
  651. double yoked egg
  652. favorite Christmas music (12/16/14)
  653. bonus
  654. cleaning stove
  655. mixing up the school day
  656. getting caught up on grading high school work
  657. finding therapy is cancelled the week of Christmas
  658. slow morning
  659. homemade chocolate sauce
  660. homemade ketchup
  661. waffles for dinner
  662. individual pizzas
  663. cool shadows on the wall
  664. growing veggies from bottoms of veggies (celery and romaine lettuce)
  665. watching "Elf"
  666. homemade meatballs
  667. games with the family
  668. homemade ice cream
  669. wine
  670. writing out Christmas Cards
  671. "Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire" in the same day
  672. lunch out
  673. driving the neighborhood and looking at lights
  674. caught up on a few computer chores
  675. hanging Christmas cards we received
  676. naps
  677. country roads
  678. "The Shadow"
  679. memories of my grandparents
  680. crazy Christmas Eve shopping
  681. traditional Christmas Eve PJ's given
  682. missed all other traditions
  683. presents
  684. cinnamon rolls
  685. lots of movies
  686. candy
  687. beef roast and veggies
  688. an unexpected day to clean and put away stuff
  689. kid sitting with dad so they could do their individual devotions together
  690. brilliant orange sunrise
  691. laundry day surprises
  692. day off from school 
  693. sleeping in
  694. watching "Beauty and the Beast" Cast One Video
  695. patience
  696. medicine
  697. progress in our bathroom
  698. good dinner
  699. time to hang out
  700. another movie marathon
2014 comes to an end.  700 items to be thankful for; not bad for only noting them from August through the end of the year!

Below is the list from the random page; trying to consolidate and clean up the blog:

  1. Sound of ice dropping into the freezer bucket ~ LOVE my iced coffee
  2. a quiet house after all have gone to bed
  3. how much noisier nature seems after a thunderstorm
  4. bedtime
  5. completing a 5K run/walk for the first time ~ in under 52 minutes ~ 8/30/14
  6. noticing in a photo, how a Lucille Ball metal sign is totally visible!  Brought a smile to me. 
  7. thunderstorms, snuggling kid, and shivering dog ~ what a combination! 
  8. hanging out at Burke Lake Park for the Grace Group Kick Off ~ 9/4/14
  9. Tae Kwon Do testing ~ two red belts now ~ 9/6/14
  10. missing a gorgeous sunset because we went to the 6:00 PM service; at least friends posted to face book ~ 9/7/14
  11. making a bottle rocket launch 20 feet into the air ~ 9/10/14
  12. kids testing well in school this week 9/19/14
  13. boy scout rank advancement and merit badges earned ~ 9/23/14
  14. windows open, coffee brewed, candles going ~ 9/24/14