2017 Joy

Counting it all JOY❀↝

2017 has begun and the list begins again!  Will you count the joy in life with me?
  1.  ice cold water
  2. krispy kreme donuts for breakfast
  3. getting the house straitened up a bit, post Christmas
  4. premier of season 4 of  "Sherlock Holmes"
  5. easy meals to fix
  6. Rose Bowl Parade
  7. time to sleep
  8. extra help around the house with hubby have a day off work
  9. on the mends from a cold
  10. leftovers for meals
  11. basic school days
  12. no where to go (other than errand to Target)
  13. finding 5th color for sky scarf
  14. dinner alone, at home, with hubby
  15. pretty planner
  16. blue skies
  17. found money
  18. day not rushed
  19. winter sunset through the trees
  20. moments to sit and chat
  21. sound of wood stove moving warm air throughout the main level
  22. hot tea at the Orthodontist office
  23. teen excited at the prospect of snow
  24. warm dinner
  25. applesauce, from scratch, for kid who had the ortho appointment
  26. teen on top of the schedule
  27. fairly full tank of gas
  28. beautifully arranged Romain Lettuce
  29. Individual pizzas
  30. time out with one teen and laughing hysterically
  31. time out with Kevin
  32. napping
  33. knitting
  34. reading
  35. warm fire
  36. sweeping snow
  37. bible classes starting again
  38. sunshine for miles
  39. time with extended family
  40. brief chats with friends
  41. general feeling of JOY
  42. the blue and gray sky
  43. getting stuff done
  44. completing at least one task I really didn't want to
  45. dinner together
  46. finding versus I'd been meaning to look up
  47. thankful we live close to the firestation, just in case
  48. remembering good conversations
  49. feeling greatful dispite the gray
  50. good memories flooding my brain
  51. warmth
  52.  permanent Farmers Market sign ~ thoughts of spring and summer
  53. moments of blue
  54. relief from pain
  55. snuggles with the dog
  56. friends who get the need for pj days
  57. pistachios
  58. 60 + degree weather
  59. able to have windows open for a spell
  60. a little container gardening, done on the deck
  61. boys confidence in my cake building capabilities
  62. warm (ish) walk, with the dog, after sunset
  63. 17 years of life
  64. wonderful young man
  65. more legos
  66. time with son
  67. time to relax
  68. cupcakes
  69. day to clean
  70. being called a superhero for cooking
  71. homemade applesauce
  72. an Eagle Court of Honor
  73. blue skies today ~ way to many gray this year
  74. time to hang out
  75. kid playing in the woods
  76. another kid getting help with school
  77. leftover ice cream cake
  78. Green Bay Packers beating Dallas Cowboys
  79. sleep
  80. doctors
  81. walks
  82. meal plans
  83. medicine
  84. rain
  85. heat
  86. blankets
  87. clay pots
  88. empty schedule
  89. smell of fresh air
  90. gas in the van
  91.  time with boys, individually
  92. 3 games of Uno, each of us won a game
  93. wine delivery
  94. talking about tomorrow
  95.  warm, orange glow from the fireplace
  96. chocolate croissants for breakfast
  97. car rides with the birthday gentleman
  98. sprinkles
  99. rainbow cake
  100.  walking more again
  101. money to buy groceries
  102. first donation of the calendar year
  103. leftover cake and ice cream
  104. bacon with breakfast
  105.  ice cream and cake for dinner
  106. Sherlock Holmes
  107. perfect grilled cheese
  108. short nap on the couch
  109. hitting over 10,000 steps for 5th day in a row
  110.  wind moving the storm away
  111. socks
  112. music
  113. falling asleep to Screwtape Letters
  114. new recipe for dinner
  115. working on sky scarf

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