Thursday, August 24, 2017

Big Exhale!

Moon in our back yard!
That started the day.  Woke up from an anxiety inducing dream, with both heart rate and blood pressure racing, almost hyperventilating.  When I realized it was a dream, and not reality, at least my brain was quick to calm down.  Other things calmed, too, reasonably quick.  Large scale anxiety has been something I have been dealing with, for a few years now and a main reason I started this blog.  Not only did I need the medication for my brain and exercise to work off the fight or flight gitters, I needed something tangible, to visibly see the good, the beauty, the joy in life.

Neglecting various aspects, has not been good for me.  Bare with me, as I work to get back into a healthy routine.

The quick, thankful updates:

  • All high-school year is going well so far.  Oldest is a senior while youngest is a freshman.
  • Made it through the purchase of a new car without to much stress (finances are a trigger for me).
  • Made it through the busiest summer yet!
  • Son recieved accomodations for ACT's, the first time around.
  • Working on getting caught up on my sky scarf.  Earlier this month, tore it almost completely out because the side I carry up the extra yarn looked horrible.  I am now back into July.
  • Boys are learning life skills around the house.  Will miss this terribly when they are gone!
  • Solar Eclipse, the other day was cool.  Even got to borrow glasses from neighbors.
There is way more I could type about, but this is all I can think of easily.  Will be back, hopefully on my computer, to update the layout and other thinfs around here.

For now, hope your day is joyful!

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