Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Brings Out Your Focus?

Your drive?  That "Type A" side we all have to varying degrees.

    My "A" side strikes every once in awhile, but not nearly often enough.  It's here this afternoon though.  In just a couple hours at home, alone, I'm able to get chores done in crazy time.  Though, those two hours are not enough time to get the WHOLE house done, it is just enough time for noticeable progress, and that will have to be good enough.

As is my "nature", I enjoy taking pictures of things that strike me as cool, beautiful, or unique.  I've also been know to take photos of things that tie into a blog post that is rattling around in my head.  That is what happened with today's writing and photos.

 Just warm enough for Charlotte to hang out
on the deck while I cleaned.  As I was focusing on a good
vacuuming, things got moved of the floor.  I took
her bed outside and she slept half on, half off.

 My desire for cute planner.  Making my own or finding one to down
load and print, just didn't happen.  I wanted to much out of a home made
and it was taking to long.  Store bought, with a plastic front and a place
change change out a cover, to the rescue.  Bonus ~ under $8.00.

 Must have ~ month view with just enough room to get a good over view
of what is going on that month.  Yes, April is still blank, will be updating that soon.

 Week view ~ again, enough room for all that needs to be in there.  I will still have a 
homemade school calendar (via Donna Young's website) with detailed notes on that.
I'd hate to see how big the calendar would be if I combined home and school on one calendar.

I also tied ribbons on the top spiral loop, to further personalize it and to add in finding the 
exact page I wanted.  When I do fill things in, some will be in pen, some in pencil.
I'll color code, either with highlighters or colored pencils, so a quick glance
I can see who's items are who's.

My list of joy and thankfulness (today and random last few months):
  • store bought planner to personalize
  • time to clean
  • talent show for 5th & 6th graders
  • warmth and sunshine
  • boys earning their advanced red belt in TKD back in February (next belt is black)
  • boys getting second stripe, yesterday (two more to go)
  • breakfast for dinner

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