Thursday, February 2, 2017

Yum! Fried Chicken

Generally speaking, I don't make fried chicken, all that often.  The guys will attest to that.  One wanted chicken for dinner, the others suggested chicken nuggets.  Pondering how to cook and what to go with it, fried chicken nuggets and french fries became the menu for the evening.  Usually, these go quickly around these parts and more are desired.  Tonight, however,  I cooked/fried for a small army and a not hungry, tiny family showed up.  Leftovers for a meal that isn't quite as good the second day.  Oh well!

Before you ask, I have no recipe for the breading.  It is usually some of this and that, in unknown proportions.  This batch started with cornflakes and parmesan (from a different chicken recipe) and I added various things from recipes I've read or seen made on a cooking show.  Sure was good though!

Oh Yum!!!

As for the good and joyful today:
  • fried chicken (obviously)
  • okay vet check for our sick pup
  • hard life lessons for one child
  • kid helping with dinner
  • early bedtime

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  1. I'll see about typing up the Baked Parmesan Chicken Recipe we use; it is a short one. The fried chicken is from Cook's Country and a lot more labor intensive. May just add the ingredients for the coating.